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AlwaysTrending is your one-stop shop for essays, articles, and other content about the industry powered by slapping keyboards.

Who is AlwaysTrending's audience?

If you've ever screamed at a compiler for disobedience; if you've ever cut your teeth at a startup in exchange for gobs of worthless equity; if you thought Google Glass was pretentious, yet scour ProductHunt daily for ways to avoid doing laundry; if you've ever closed Hacker News, glanced at a swamp of terminal error messages, then reopened Hacker News in a new tab - AlwaysTrending is for you.

About the Editor-in-Chief

Matt Frisbie is a software engineer at Google and the author of several books. He spends his time neglecting code documentation, dodging recruiter spam, and devising elaborate ways of solving the world's problems using only JavaScript. There's this weird site about him here.

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