Etsy Launches Marketplace for Artisanal Machine Learning

June 19, 2017

NEW YORK - Eager to cash in on the machine learning gold rush, this week Etsy threw its custom-embroidered hat into the ring with the launch of "Neural nEtsy", a platform for boutique vendors to peddle their handcrafted machine learning implementations.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Etsy CEO Josh Silverman described how the company was positioning itself to target the grossly underserved market for using machine learning in cottage industries. He described in detail a dizzying array of new product possibilities:

Silverman also indicated the company was working on an app store for Neural nEtsy that would allow their merchants to expand their offerings to phones, such as a paid Snapchat filter that makes you appear to be wearing a chic summery dress that you don't want to actually buy.

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